Catalogue Renovation - enter Nirvana and (Desas)sossego

Catalogue Renovation - enter Nirvana and (Desas)sossego

On the 7th of November we will present 2 new aromatic collections that mark the beginning of a renewal of Westman's catalogue.

With this renewal we are bringing an improved version of the soap base and new aftershaves as well.

The two new collections are called Nirvana and (Desas)sossego.



A fragrance built around the scent of lavender with a personal touch, while maintaining the intention of offering a moment of relaxation.

Named in harmony with this moment of tranquillity and in honour of the book "O Livro do Desassossego" by Fernando Pessoa. Certainly his work and legacy is a source of pride for us and an inescapable landmark of our city, Lisbon. O Livro do Desassossego is perhaps his most important and profound work. A collection of experiences and reflections recorded in loose texts in no particular order. Similar to a diary, confessions that oscillate between uneasiness, boredom, anguish and a great lucidity and analytical capacity.

The top notes are subtle, like a light breeze, composed of Yuzu and a touch of Neroli. The heart of the fragrance is essentially composed of Lavender, about 40% of the total fragrance, in a blend of essential oil with a little synthetic material to sharpen its characteristic scent.

The lavender is also accentuated with a little vanilla which contributes to the feeling of comfort. A hint of Ylang-Ylang acts as an exotic scent layer. And then an earthy, woody base of sandalwood and patchouli.



Nirvana is composed primarily of a blend of fig and sandalwood with a number of supporting notes. Originally launched in June 2022 as a special edition for the Facebook group "O Lado Gourmet do Barbear", this fragrance now returns as a regular collection.

Figs are believed to be among the oldest known fruits. For this reason, it is not surprising that they are mentioned in various ancient scriptures. It is interesting to see how different religions make more or less important references to this fruit, leaf or tree. In the Old Testament, Adam and Eve covered their nakedness with fig leaves after eating the forbidden fruit. In the New Testament, Jesus cursed a fig tree. In the Quran, figs are considered one of the six fruits of paradise. But the most important inspiration for the name of this collection is that Buddha attained Nirvana under a fig tree.

The fig evokes a sense of sweetness and freshness. It was important to make it as close as possible to its natural perfume. It does not smell too sweet like ripe fruit, nor too green like fig leaves. It is a middle ground of balanced green and sweet tones. The heart of the fragrance is rich in sandalwood, warm and woody. The fragrance is complemented by notes of clove, cardamom, myrrh, musk and cedar.


Renewing the soap base

The new soap base, which we have also decided to name Nirvana, is nothing more than a natural evolution of our original base and what we learned from that formula. There are only a few changes that result in a more cost effective, harder soap, a better slickness, as well as a more comfortable and pleasant post-shave.

Slickness was the only parameter we were sure we could improve upon. That's why it was the starting point for the reformulation. And the result was a very big difference.

Of course, there can only be 100% of a product. So when we increase or add ingredients that contribute to slickness, everything else has to be rebalanced to ensure that we don't sacrifice performance in any other parameter, and that's exactly what we did next.

In our opinion, the most remarkable characteristic of a soap is the consistency of the lather. The truth is that if you like the density of the lather and the way it "sticks" and protects the skin, every other little imperfection becomes unimportant. As I really liked the lather texture of the original base, it was very important to maintain or improve it if possible, and after a few tests we got a very good result.

However, this Nirvana base requires more water and more work than the original base. Many customers have remarked how easy it was to load and create an excellent lather with the original base. Well, in comparison, this new foundation requires a longer brush load (which is not important for those who prefer to use a spoon). When the brush is loaded and starting to build the lather, it also takes more water and work to get the best result. It is thirstier compared to the original base, but it is not the thirstiest soap on the market.

And finally the post-shave. Here too we have made some changes. We have replaced the apricot kernel oil with broccoli oil, which is much richer in composition. We have also drastically reduced the amount of shea butter and increased the amount of other higher quality oils and butters, such as golden jojoba oil and virgin avocado oil. In addition, dimethicone, which we now use mainly for its excellent slickness, leaves the skin feeling fantastic.

Saponified fats:
Kokum butter
Tallow (beef)
Stearic acid
Mango butter
Castor oil

Unsaponified fats:
Avocado oil
Broccoli oil
Shea butter
Jojoba oil

Sodium lactate
Goat's milk (powder)
Kaolin clay
Vitamin E
Xanthan gum


The evolution of aftershaves

There are some changes here too. The old alcoholic lotion called "Aftershave Lotion" has been changed and renamed as "Invigorating Splash". As an alternative, and with customers from other continents in mind, we will also be introducing a new non-alcoholic lotion called "Nourishing Splash". As for the emulsion, which retains exactly the same formula, it is now called "Emulsion Balm".


An improved version of the now discontinued Aftershave Lotion.

A blend of time-tested classic ingredients and skin care science that leaves skin fresh, invigorated and impeccably scented.

For the gentleman who can't do without the sensation of an alcoholic aftershave.

Carefully formulated with the perfect concentration of alcohol, together with witch hazel and willow extract for the best astringent effect. Aloe, rose water, chamomile water and allantoin have a soothing effect. The moisturising agents of glycerine, betaine, sodium lactate and silk peptides ensure that the skin feels good for many hours.


The new Nourishing Splash was developed for gentlemen who prefer a splash to a balm and who unfortunately did not have access to our alcohol-based lotion. It is also suitable for anyone who cares about the well-being of their skin and at the same time wants an impeccable olfactory experience.

We have designed it to provide an incredible after shave experience, without the stickiness that is often characteristic of non-alcoholic aftershaves.

This formula includes many of the same principles and benefits as Invigorating Splash. Because of its known astringent properties, witch hazel features prominently. It also contains all the other essential ingredients such as aloe, glycerin, betaine, sodium lactate, silk, rose water and chamomile water, but in addition to these it has vegetable collagen and panthenol (provitamin B5) for a truly nourishing experience.


The Emulsion Balm is our recommendation for a gentler aftershave routine. It is designed for gentlemen who prefer a balm to a splash, or for those who like to use a combination of both.

This balm can work effectively on its own or help to enhance other aftershave products. Its formula promotes deep skin nourishment and recovery without compromising its astringent properties.

Witch hazel is the base ingredient in this formula, an important component in soothing the skin and reducing redness and soreness. It is blended with moisturisers and antioxidants in an emulsification process.

When will everything be available?

7 November 2023 at 1pm GMT

What are the prices?

The prices remain exactly the same. The new Nourishing splash will be the same price as its alcoholic partner.

What are you preparing for the future?

In December (or January) we hope to launch two more fragrances. A completely new one and the return of a limited edition to be part of the catalogue.

During 2024 we will bring back some of the collections you already know. We don't know yet what the timing will be, if they will all come back or if some will be discontinued completely, and we're not sure if they will keep the original base or change to this new one. Some may undergo slight changes in scent or in the look of their labels. What we do know is that we plan to do it slowly, introducing novelties as well.

Thank you all for the confidence that we have received in these almost 2 years of service. And to those of you who have read all this, you already know that they are true legends. Thank you for being here and for your attention.

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