About Us

My name is Tiago and I operate WestMan Shaving out of Lisbon, Portugal.

From research, formulation, scent composition, inventory, label design, photography, web design, customer service, et al., every aspect of WestMan is handled by me, with the invaluable help of my wife.

I am now fully committed to this project, but how did it start?

Well, I never had great shaves with mass-produced products and multi-blade razors (I am sure you can relate) but I also did not put much thought into it. I tried to avoid shaving as much as possible and just used trimmers most of the time.

Around 2014, one of my friends was training to become a barber and started an internship in a famous barbershop in Lisbon. The shop had a bar and we hung out there frequently. At first, I fell in love with the haircuts inspired by decades past. Then, with the hot towel shaves. After noticing how my skin improved, I had to find a way to get a similar shave at home.

I have tested all products that I could get my hands on and I continue to do so. Although I have acquired a taste for some razors and brushes, my search for a better soap and aftershave never ended. I became absorbed by the formulation of the products. One thing led to another and just as quickly as I had started acquiring shaving gear before, I was now acquiring raw materials and equipment to make my own products.

Endless hours of research later, I was finally happy enough to send test versions out to fellow wet shavers and WestMan was born.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy my creations.