Waste Disposal Guidelines

Proper waste disposal is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy environment. By recycling our containers, you contribute to the circular economy and to conserve natural resources.

Follow these guidelines to ensure that you dispose of our products in an environmentally friendly manner. Please separate the packaging materials as illustrated below and dispose of them in the appropriate recycling bins. 





If you have products that are still usable but no longer needed, consider donating them to a local shelter or sharing them with friends and family. This helps to reduce waste and allows others to benefit from our high-quality products.

If you have any unused or expired products that you need to dispose of, it is important to handle them as hazardous waste. Contact your local waste management facility to find out the proper procedures for disposing of hazardous materials.

We encourage our customers to make sustainable choices in their daily lives. Consider using reusable shaving tools, such as shaving brushes, safety razors or straight razors, to minimize waste.