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Westman shaving

Adamastor Finest Badger Shaving Brush

Adamastor Finest Badger Shaving Brush

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We are proud to bring you the first Westman Shaving brushes - the perfect complement to your favourite soap.

The handle design is inspired by old school Rooney brushes. Tried-and-true, this handle shape is widely used in industry to this day. Favoured by face latherers due to its compact size that fits perfectly in most hands.

The Adamastor colour is inspired by the Adamastor collection. A match made in heaven, although it matches most blue dominant shaving sets. Each brush is different with its unique mixture of resins.

The badger hairs selected to tie this knot are of the highest quality and do not undergo excessive "gel" treatments. They combine resilient shafts with soft tips. The tips feel NATURALLY soft and not like a damp rag. The density is medium-high, offering optimal blackbone and flow-through. We offer these knots because they are what we prefer to use ourselves.

Knot quality: Finest Badger
Knot shape: Fan
Knot diameter: 25 mm (± 1 mm)
Knot loft: 50 mm (± 1 mm)

Handle model: Legacy
Handle material: Resin
Handle colour: Adamastor
Handle finishing: Gloss
Handle min diameter: 31 mm (± 1 mm)
Handle max diameter: 37 mm (± 1 mm)
Handle height: 49 mm (± 1 mm)

Total Height: 99 mm (± 1 mm)

Note: We recommend that you wash you brush with at least once before using it on your skin. It is normal for the brush to shed a few bristles during the first 10 or so uses. Sheding should not occur regularly after that period, but the brush can still lose a bristle or two from time to time.


Wash the brush with warm water. Do not use boiling water.

When squeezing excess water out, do not pull the bristles.

Lather lightly without pressure. If you bend the hairs too much, you will cause the tips to break.

After each use, rinse throughtly, shake excess water and dry the brush on a clean towel. Leave in open air to dry. Do not store a damp brush.

Soap and water minerals will eventually build up on your brush. Periodically, soak the brush in a 50/50 vinegar and water solution for 30-60 seconds to remove these deposits.

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